Limerick City

The Urban Side of county Limerick

Over half of County Limerick's population lives in the city of Limerick, which is the third largest urban area in the Republic of Ireland.

LIMERICK, IRELAND, MARCH, 17, 2013: People along the Limerick street, prepares to participate during the Annual St Patrick's Day parade on March 17, 2013 in Limerick, Ireland.
Limerick Events and Highlights

Festivals, concerts, holiday events... there's always something to do in Limerick. A rundown of some of the most important of these is coming soon.

Limerick, Ireland -  April 2017 : Pubs, bars and shops signs in a town in Ireland
A Tour of Limerick City

From quintessential Irish pubs to historical sites to modern attractions, Limerick has something for everyone. Coming soon, a rundown on all the must see sights in Limerick City.

Guitar in the interior of a vintage concert hall
Limerick Music Scene

Yes, you've probably heard of the Cranberries, Limerick's most famous musical export. But its music scene doesn't end there. From folk music to indie rock to electronica, Limerick has had a thriving music scene for decades.

Limerick Art Scene

The arts have always been an important facet of Limerick life. A number of galleries allow visitors the chance to experience this side of Limerick.

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